IF 5148 - Pembelajaran Multimedia


  1. Introduction to the Course, Learning Theories
  2. How People Learn from e-Courses, e-Learning Promise and Pitfalls
  3. Evidence-Based Practice
  4. Applying the Multimedia Principle: Use Words and Graphics Rhather Than Words Alone
  5. Applying the Contiguity Principle: Align Words to Corresponding Graphics
  6. Appying the Modality Principle: Present Words as Audio Naration Rather than On-Screen Text
  7. Applying the Redundancy principle: Explain Visuals with Words in Audio OR Text: Not Both
  8. Applying the Coherence Principle: Adding Extra material Can Hurt Learning
  9. Applying the Personalization Principle: Use Conversational Style and Virtual Coaches
  10. Applying the Segmenting and Pre-training Principle: Managing Complexity by Breaking a Lesson into Parts
  11. Leveraging Example in e-Learning, Practice Impact
  12. Learning Together Virtually
  13. Guidelines for e-Learning Navigation
  14. e-Learning to Build Thinking Skills


Durasi Kuliah

  • Institut Teknologi Bandung

Max. students: 100
Attending: 0